This programme was approved on 21 June 2007 and it was reapproved in the 8th General Congress on 18 April 2010.

Causes and Background of Separatist Terror

Terror is an instrument of USA’s The Greater Middle East Project. Engaged to the European Union, Turkey is beeing threatened and pushed to the break up. USA has founded the second Israeli State at the north of Iraq and now is carrying the plan of extension of this country towards Kerkouk, Tal’Afar and Diyarbakir. Under the direction of USA and at the gate of EU, there is no solution against terror.

The background of terror is however Turkey’s semi Middle Age social and economical structure which is dependent to the imperialism. Terror gets wilder under the circumstances of that the money scriveners directed by USA, bourse and dollar profiteers and racketeers mop up all the sources of country. There is no solution against terror with three leeches economy.


1. Correct Philosophy, Concept of Great Nation

It is required initally a correct philosophy to get rid of separatist terror. According to the general view in our country, south east region of Turkey is an another geography and our people of that geography are in a different social structure. This point of view is definitely the same as of PKK’s.

Comprehension, reducing the concept of Turkish identity to an ethnical group or race is not able to embrace our Kurdish citizens and causes to push them. Workers’ Party, will clear that comprehension which causes separatism, firstly starting from the establishements of state and by the time from the society.

The definition of turkish nation will be put into its historical bases. Turkish nation is not mere an etnichal group or race. As determined in 1930 by Atatürk on his work “Civil Information”, public of Turkey, that founded Republic of Turkey is called Turkish nation.

Historical roots of Turkish nation are based on the thousands years of emperorship traditions, sovereignty of intercontinental trade routes and the power of turkish language. Emperorship cultur is that to provide people living together. Turkish nation came into existence with a contemporary revolution, Revolution of Atatürk, which is strengthened by that hisrotical heritage that merges different etnichal groups.

Workers’ Party, basing on that historical truth, will unite all our citizens from any ethnical root with a comprehension of “whole brother, one nation” and will remove the racist background of terror. We don’t accept the discrimination of “us and them”. We are either turks or kurts: we are all turkish nation.

2. Getting Rid of the Direction of USA and of the Gate of EU

For the purpose of ending terror, Turkey has to position against USA’s The Greater Middle East Project and to withdraw promptly its candidate membership to the EU. Separating Irak by occupying, USA exports terror to Turkey from that region. Today, an alliance with USA means to receive terror with open arms. On the other hand the program of membership to the EU is clinching the belief that the state of Turkish Republic is beeing ended up and this membership is firstly separating Turkey on the minds of our citizens. The expectations of our nation especially the integral part of our nation, our Kurdish citizens’, are beeing directed to Washington and Brussels. Turkish Republic is getting away to become a hope whereas the National State is the only political framework and instrument of freedom and richness.

3. To Gain Public and Mobilize Them

It is the basic condition of ending the terror, gaining our citizens of all regions of Turkey, especially the south east. Who gains public, wins the war.

As soon as coming into power, Workers’ Party will conduct a Public Mobilization regard to the “Program of Peace In Country, Peace In Middle East” on any corners of our south east region by mobilizing thousands of volunteers. In this mobilization our citizens will be asked for their demands, public will be embraced and it will be explained the costs and damages of separatism and terror.

4. End to the Helpless State, Powerful State

The state is helpless nowadays against the terror and is crying in funeral ceremonies. Because it has its hand tied and is helpless under the direction of USA and at the gate of EU. Exploiting the country unmercifully, leading men of the day united their benefits with the desires of USA. Respecting to their mission in The Greater Middle East Projet, they are serving to the plans of downgrading Turkish Army. This government will be exactly downed.

National Government, that will be constituted by Workers’ Party, will apply effectively and decisively the power of sanctions of the state against the terror by mobilizing all the facilities of the nation. There will be no mercy to the terror.

We will save the state from the helplessness and break up.

We will found the powerfull state.

We will save the homeland from the separators and destructives.

5. No Freedom to the Terror and Separating, Twin Betrayal Law Will Be Abrogated

In present stage Kurdish problem is mainly solved in terms of democratical rights. The bans and pressure on the Kurdish language are terminated. It is possible to put into service Kurdish education establishments and to display activity the Kurdish cultural establishments. The barriers are eliminated for the television programs to have kurdish broadcasts; Kurdish newspapers and issues can be pressed.

At the gate of EU, a law of freedom to the terror was imposed to Turkey with the label of “Human Rights”. Adopted by a cabinet decision of DSP-MHP-ANAP Government in 2001 and enacted by the votes of AKP and CHP in 2003, Twin Betrayal Law will instantly be abrogated. Dispositions, providing a free acting area to the terror and separatism will be changed, new legal arrangements for the definite purge of terror will be settled. Prohibition of ethnical, religious and sectarian political organisations will be carried out purposefully. It is the biggest human right to live in independence and peace.

6. Work for Anyone, Territory for Peasants, Abundance for Bazaar, Interregional Balance, Entirety for Country

People in south east will be employed by public sector investments. After a radical land reform public domains, mined lands, tribal and agha’s territories will be allocated to the peasants; disposition of sheikhdom and aghadom in that region will be abolished. Supporting the unterritoried and poor peasants, judgements of the law of “no. 2510 of 1934” will be executed. Modern and efficient agriculture will be developed on a cooperative basis, peasants will become free and enriched. Peasants will be supported by cheap oil, cheap fertilizer, cheap pesticides and seeds and interest- free loan.

A national resistance economy will be configured against the external and internal powers menacing Turkey; interregional disequilibriums will be removed.

7. Territorial Integrity of Iraq

Territorial integrity of Iraq is that of Turkey’s. By a collaboration with public of Iraq and regional countries, the territorial integrity of Iraq will be ensured.

8. Peace in Middle East with an Alliance of Middle East

For the purpose of independence, sovereignty, integrity and peace of Turkey and regional countries, an alliance will be settled and developped with firstly public of Iraq, Iran, Syrie and Azerbaijan. A collaboration including the security will be organized with these countries and starting with the abolition of customs extending to the Union of the Middle East States, a comprehensive cooperation will be gradually developped.

9. Eurasian Alliance

Against the Crusader Attack of USA, ethnical separatism and destruction, Turkey will join the Eurasian Cooperation that formed around Russia, Central Asian Republics, India and the People’s Republic of China.