Co-Declaration of Turkish National Forces and Iraq Turkmen Organizations

This programm was approved in the 7th General Congress of the Wokers’ Party on 21 June 2007 and it was reapproved in the 8th General Congress on 18 April 2010.

Under the conditions that the opinions about the absence of a national policy of the Government of Ankara for Iraq are expressed by official circles, we, the national forces of Turkey and the representatives of Iraq Turkmens who are at the very front against the threats directed towards The Republic of Turkey, with the determination of defending the national state of Turkey and fulfilling the Ataturk Revolution, announce the following declaration to the public opinion of Turkey, Iraq, the Middle-East and the World.
1- National strategy: Our national strategy that would shape the Iraq policy of Turkey is determined by the Independence War and the Republican Revolution under the command of Great Leader Ataturk. The aim of this strategy is to reconstruct our national state and lead our nation to her eminent status among the pioneers of modern civilization, through fulfilling Ataturk Revolution in the conditions of 21st century. 
2- The territorial integrity and the national resources of Iraq: The territorial integrity of Iraq is that of Turkey. The national resources of Iraq belongs to the whole public of Iraq. Iraq belongs to the whole people of Iraq. 
3- The future and the constitution of Iraq are determined by the people of Iraq: The determination of the constitution of Iraq and how it would be ruled belongs only and only to the whole people of Iraq. The will of the people of Iraq and its government cannot be separated on the ethnic and sectarian grounds. 
4- Iraq purified from invasion: The USA invasion and the intervention of Israel on Iraq must be terminated. Iraqi people’s right to live independent and free are the most prominent human right.
5- The last election is illegal: The general election held in January 2005 under USA invasion
did not reveal the will of Iraqi people but revealed the will of occupying forces; because of this it is not democratic; it is not legal; hence it is illegitimate. January 2005 elections cannot be recognized. 
6- The Puppet State is unacceptable: The puppet state, in the northern Iraq that is formed in the period after 1990 by the occupying forces, cannot represent neither the Iraqi people nor any inseparable part of its entities. The fellow Kurdish people will not accept the state that is founded by the occupying forces as their own state and will not be a means of Crusaders. This alleged state is not legitimate with respect to neither the Iraqi law nor the international law. By attributing a second Isreali role, this puppet state is posed by USA and Israel due to the exigency of the Greater Middle-East Project on the Iraq territory from outside. Their aim is not only to puppetize the leaders of Kurds, but also to puppetize other countries including Turkey through the threat of separation by means of this puppet state and to devastate them whenever necessary and to render northern Iraq into a base for USA and Israel against all countries of Asia and the World. The recognition of the Puppet State, de facto or judicially or undertaking a guarding role for it, means a treason to the constitution of The Republic of Turkey, the integrity and unity of our motherland, Republic, the peace in the motherland the peace in the world principle of Ataturk, the loyalty to our neighbours and our tradition of fidelity and the struggle for humanity. The Red Lines that guard the unity and the integrity of Turkey are standing intact. These red lines mean to defend the whole part of the motherland. 
7- Kerkuk and Musul, the critical region: Musul and its region, which are considered as parts of Turkish territory with respect to National Pact of 1920, is recognized within the territorial integrity of Iraq by Turkey as a result of the Turkey-Iraq Border and Good Neighbourhood agreements, signed at June 5 1926, among Turkey, UK and Iraq. Currently, the inclusion of Kerkuk, Musul and its region into any state, federation, confederation or autonomous region, etc. is in conflict with 1926 Agreement, International Law and the vital interests of Turkey. Kerkuk and Musul, with its population which is hitherto largely composed of Turkmens and Arabs and with their oil rich resources, are the critical region of Iraq’s territorial integrity. All applications of the occupying forces and their collaborators in order to change the population structure of Kerkuk and the region, to annihilate the deeds and to expropriate the oil of the region for separation of Iraq are invalid. 
8- The spread of the Puppet State must be stopped: The spread of Puppet state, founded in Northern Iraq by USA and Israel, towards south and west; its extortions of Iraq oil in Kerkuk and agricultural production areas in Talafar regions; hence through the provision of major economic resources, its evolution towards a dagger against the states around the region cannot be allowed. The one that looses Kerkuk looses Diyarbakır; the one that looses Diyarbakır looses Ankara and İstanbul too; this is how the equation is built. In this regard, stopping the spread of the puppet state is a patriotic duty. The policy of supporting the puppet state through the border gate and the economic opportunities of Turkey must be immediately terminated, and a second border gate must be opened. 
9- Support for the unity of the all Iraq people: We support the unity of all Iraqi people, the integrity of all ethnic groups and sects under the identity of Iraqi people. We sentence all the plots and the acts that aim to separate the Iraqi people on the grounds of ethnic groups and sects for imperialist demands. We support all the efforts for the union of Arab, Turkmen, Kurd, Shia and Sunni masses of Iraq for the integrity, independence and sovereignty of Iraq. In this respect, we curse and sentence all the efforts of USA and Israel to manipulate especially the fellow Kurdish people and the organizations. We warn the leaders who are instrument to these efforts of USA and Israel to be loyal to our togetherness for thousands of years and to our common future. No matter for which ethnic groups or sects it is done, isolating the efforts of collaboration with imperialists, rescuing the fellow Kurdish masses and the organizations from all kinds of treason and making them an ally for the struggle of Iraq’s independence and sovereignty are our duty. 
10- Equality, fraternity, peace and prosperity for nations and sects: We consider the equality, fraternity and prosperity of all the nations and sects that constitute Iraqi people as sound assurances of the struggle for the reestablishment of the unity and integration, peace and fraternity in Iraq and we support the efforts towards this direction. All policies towards inequality and discrimination remaining from Iraq’s past must be eliminated with all their social and cultural grounds. 
11- The unity of Turkmens: We will retain with all our power all the existing efforts for unifying Turkmens that are the sound assurances for the unity of Iraqi people and the territorial integrity of Iraq on the grounds of tolerance for opinions and beliefs. 
12- The collaboration of Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraqi people in all areas: The collaboration among Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraqi people is a must for the realization of the independence and territorial integrity of Iraq. The force that would create the solution for the establishment of peace and fraternity in Iraq lies here. This collaboration that gains its power from the will of regional countries and people for living free and traditional neighbor policies is realistic. There does not exist any other way of establishing and sustaining peace and stability beside the independence and integrity of countries and peoples in the region. This collaboration must be immediately realized for all areas including security. The regional countries with such an historical attitude are in a pioneer position for the peace in the World. 
13- The collaboration with Arabic countries, peoples and with our other neighbors: We are for the collaboration and solidarity, first of all with Palestine and Palestinians, with all Arabic countries and peoples, and with other neighbor countries and peoples against the interventions of outsiders. 
14- Euroasian alliance: Against the policies of war, divisiveness, subversiveness of USA for a unipolar World and its plots, applications and agitations in this direction, we consider the solidarity among Eurasian countries that formed in the axis of Turkey, Iran, Russia, The republics in the Middle Asia, India and The People’s Republic of China as, beyond the peace and the unity in Iraq, the widest front for the world peace and we support it. 
15- Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus must be recognized: Currently in our region, there is consisted front-line against the imperialist invasion and intervention from Cyprus to Northern Iraq. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus under the leadership of the president Rauf Denktaş, The national forces of Turkey, Iraq People, Iraq Turkmens, Syria, Iran, Palestine and Palestinians are resisting in this front-line for all the humanity. The Turkey of Ataturk is under suppression through this front-line. USA and Israel trace the policy of suppressing Turkey through Cyprus and conquering Turkey through Northern Iraq. 
For Turkey to resist this suppression, the conditions for the recognition of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by all regional and and world countries are valid; furthermore the tendencies in this direction are getting strong. Standing with this fact, we remind their responsibility to all regional countries and to all world countries demanding peace for support of the front-line of humanity and in this context we demand from them the initiation of the process of recognition of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus immediately as the first thing that must be done.
16- Withdrawal from candidate membership of EU: Turkey is tied up on the gate of EU by USA in the behindhand period. All the policies for elimination of our national state, the division of our nation, the subversion of our republic that we founded under the leadership of Ataturk, the depredation of economy, the corruption and decay of our national culture are imposed under the conditions of candidate membership of EU. We are dragged to subversion and fragmentation with dreams of finding treasures at the gate of EU. The demands of our nation and especially the Kurdish citizens being inseparable part of our nation are directed towards Washington and Brussels; The Republic of Turkey is being expulsed from being a hope for them. Whereas the national state is the only and unique political framework and means of liberation and enrichment. Because of these, Turkey, in order to sustain its existence and be directed towards its national goals, withdraw its demand for membership of EU without a delay and The Protocol for Candidate Membership must be annulled. With EU a collaboration that is grounded on independence, territorial integrity, the respect to sovereignty and to reciprocal interest must be developed. The opportunities of collaboration with European countries for the goal of guarding especially the territorial integrity and natural resources of Iraq must be sought and realized. 
17- Incirlik Base must be closed to USA and it must be under control of Turkish state and army: The permission of the use of Incirlik as a base for intervention in Iraq and neighboring countries means at the same time to surrender to a great and poignant threat towards Turkey. The removal of foreign bases and soldiers from Turkey, Incirlik at first, is an irrevocable duty with respect to the future of our homeland. USA must leave Incirlik immediately; this base and the others must be taken under the authorization of Turkish state and military forces. 
18- National State, National Government: Turkey can resist the existing threat, just as in the independence war, only by mobilizing all the national forces and opportunities. Because of this, by applying the program and the strategy of Ataturk, the establishment of a national government that would rescue our national state from this catastrophe and place Turkey to its eminent position among the pioneer countries of 21st century became the critical issue even for being able to harmonize the policy for Iraq with the national goals. 
We being the national forces of Turkey and Iraq Turkmen organizations summarize the national Iraq policy in 5 union axis as such: 

1- The unity of Turkey,
2- The unity of Turkmens,
3- The unity of Iraq, 
4- The unity of regional countries and peoples
5- The unity of Euroasia

and we announce that we will built a union for the realization of a national government that would accomplish the national Iraq policy.
We trust the great historical deposit of the people of Turkey that has founded The Republic of Turkey in making the Iraq Policy the official policy of The Republic of Turkey immediately. 
We call all the political parties and all the mass organizations of Turkey, our nation to sign the Iraq Policy for Turkey with the approval and to the union and struggle on the ground of realization of this program. 
First Signs (In the order of last names)
Prof. Dr. Ümit Akkoyunlu, The President of The Turkmen Assembly of Solidarity and The member of board of Turkmen Intellectuals and Fraternity Association
Nefi Demirci, The Head of The Human Rights Association of Turkmeneli
Hıdır Hayara, The former member of the Ankara Bureau of Iraqi Turks Culture and Asssistance Association
Timur Ketene, The member of board of Iraqi Entrepreneurs Association
Kasım Ömer, The Vice-President of The Iraq Democrat Turkmen Party
Doğu Perinçek, The Chairman of The Workers’ Party
Fuat Tigin, The Head of Intellectuals Association of Turkmeneli
Abbas Türkmen, The Former President of Ankara Bureau of Iraqi Turks Culture and Assistance Association