Canton at northern Syria means the trap for Türkiye

Canton at northern Syria means the trap for Türkiye

The Chairman of the Vatan Party of Türkiye, Doğu Perinçek, held a press conference at the Istanbul Provincial Centre of the Party at 12:00 today (May 8, 2022) and criticized the project of establishing local councils at northern Syria announced by our President Mr. Erdogan. Perinçek made the following considerations: 


On May 3, 2022, our President Mr. Tayyip Erdogan stated that “local councils” has been established in 13 regions in northern Syria and announced that they were working on a project to resettle one million Syrian migrants in this region.

These local councils do not lie with the Syrian state, moreover, they do not recognize the legitimate government of Syria. The Erdogan administration actually forms cantons in the north of Syria. These cantons are established in the area of de facto sovereignty of the Turkish military. In this case, the Erdogan administration is standing at the corner of a path that, if not legally, actually leaves the politics of Syria’s territorial integrity.

It is the process that is entered into, rather than the intention to be considered. Because the local authorities created in the north of Syria are being institutionalized. In this case, the questions of what developments the cantons under the de facto sovereignty of Türkiye will create and how to ensure the territorial integrity of Syria are on the table.


The most dangerous is that the economic ground of the cantons is being improved. The Turkish authorities support a number of speculator companies of Turkish origin that have established a looting scheme in the region.

This group of speculators does not want Türkiye and Syria to negotiate.

This group of speculators is against the territorial integrity of Syria.

Moreover, this group also cooperates with separatist uncivilised organizations that form power centres in northern Syria. These organizations are on the terrorist list of the United Nations and Türkiye.

Most importantly, the cantons established in the north of Syria under the supervision of Türkiye are supported by the U.S. imperialism and Israeli zionism.

This is a course that jeopardizes Syria’s territorial integrity policy.



We need to figure out frankly. The process entered into contains serious dangers not only for Syria, but also for Türkiye:

1. Forming cantonal states. In the north of Syria, local councils under the de facto rule of Türkiye are turning into local states.

2. Speculations is growing in the region. The speculations of warlords is growing and settling in the area of Türkiye’s de facto sovereignty.

3. Relations between Türkiye and Syria are being tensioned.

4. Türkiye is being isolated. The mistrust is being created between Türkiye and all the states and people of Arab countries in addition to Iraq, Iran, Russia and China. Relations between Asian countries and Türkiye are deteriorating.

5. Israel is gaining courage for the Second Israeli project under the name “Kurdistan”. Israel supports the creation of cantons in northern Syria. Therefore, the Second Israeli policy under the name of “Kurdistan” is gaining courage.

6. Our energy security is being compromised. The deterioration of our relations with our neighbours such as Russia, Iraq and Iran, where we import our energy, weakens Türkiye’s energy security. Thus, price increases are triggered in all sectors.

7. Deepening the economic depression. There is a blow to our trade with Russia and West Asian countries, our tourism revenues, and our investment capital expectations from China. The policy of establishing cantons in the north of Syria allows a handful of speculators to get rich, but it damages the Turkish economy and accelerates the processes that increase public discontent.

8. Provocateurs and the U.S.-based chaos plans are given the opportunity. The tension in Türkiye-Syria relations serves the plans of the enemies of Türkiye for chaos. If attention is paid, a number of instigators linked to the CIA and MOSSAD have appeared on the scene and are spreading hostility against asylum seekers and Arab peoples. These instigators are at the service of the U.S. plans to overthrow the government of Tayyip Erdogan.

9. This project gives the kiss of life to the PKK terrorist organization. In the conditions when the Turkish Armed Forces, the Turkish Police and our Village Guards are just entering the process of terminating the PKK, the definite result is being given up. The creation of a “Safe Zone” on the Turkish-Syrian border with a depth of 40 km and a length of 700 km is aimed not at terminating the PKK, but at driving it 40 km to the south. Moreover, the tension in Türkiye-Syria relations gives the PKK terrorist organization breathing room and shelter in the cracks.

10. The asylum seeker problem is not being solved, moreover, it is being maintained. Resettling one million asylum seekers in cantons in northern Syria does not bring a solution to Türkiye’s asylum seeker problem. Because this project removes asylum seekers from Türkiye and places them again on the territory of Türkiye’s sovereignty. Moreover, while these asylum seekers are still participating in production and services where they are located, it condemns them to a life in which they ask for a food from the Red Crescent.

11. New burdens are being imposed on the Turkish economy. There are heavy burdens on the Turkish economy to house, feed, drink, educate, ensure their safety and provide other public services to a million of people who have been resettled in the north of Syria.

12. A project is being implemented that the people of Türkiye and especially our citizens in our provinces neighbouring Syria and Iraq have not adopted. This project has caused concerns among all our citizens since the moment it was announced, and especially in our provinces bordering Syria and Iraq. From Adana and Mersin to Hakkari, our people are calling us by phone. The people do not want tension with Syria.

13. This project causes AK Party and MHP to lose popular supports. The establishment of cantons in the north of Syria is not a solution, but an insolvency and paves the way for processes that will bring trouble to Türkiye. This project is causing the Cumhur Alliance parties to lose votes.

14. The ground is being presented to the U.S. plans to overthrow the administration of Tayyip Erdogan.



The essence of the project to resettle Syrian migrants in the cantons established in the north of Syria is to establish government-like formations in the north of Syria. In the area of sovereignty created by Türkiye, state-like formations have been established, which is facing the sovereignty of the Syrian state. These state-like formations will be led by a number of terrorist organizations that have an armed force in the north of Syria. However, the territorial integrity of Syria is a policy that the Turkish state insists on and has been repeatedly decided by the National Security Council. The territorial integrity of Syria is the territorial integrity of Türkiye.



Türkiye enters a channel that disrupts the relations of our neighbours, Iraq, Iran, Russia, all Arab states and China, beyond fronting with the legitimate state of Syria with this project. This orientation makes Türkiye lonely and draws it into the U.S. trap. This trap was prepared in the Aegean. The armed stack at Alexandroupoli, Kavala, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Stefanovic, the North of Crete, the south of Cyprus, the U.S. bases at west and east of the Euphrates turned their barrels on Türkiye. The U.S. + Israel + Greece trio has been ambushed by the conditions in which Türkiye has become lonely. The threat to Türkiye from the Eastern Mediterranean expands to Türkiye’s internal front. Türkiye is falling into a trap.


            The opportunity to solve for Türkiye is ahead of us. The cooperation with the Syrian state is key to solving Türkiye’s problems. Because, the cooperation with Syria paves the way for friendship with Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, the Arab countries and the Eurasian countries.

           Türkiye should immediately start cooperation in all areas – political, military, economic, and cultural with the legitimate government of Syria, the Government of Bashar al-Assad.

  1. The cooperation of the security forces of the two states liquidates the PKK/PYD/YPG terrorist organization and other terrorist organizations in Syria in three to five months and raises the white flag in the Qandil.
  2. As a result of the restoration of peace and stability in Syria, Syrian migrants return to their countries. The Syrian Government has forgave even those guilty of violent acts with its latest general amnesty. Syrian Justice Minister Ahmad al-Sayyed explains the details of this general amnesty to Aydınlık newspaper.
  3. The cooperation with Syria would be the most effective step in ensuring Türkiye’s energy security. Cheap diesel oil, cheap natural gas, cheap gasoline are able to be supplied from our neighbours Russia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Qatar. Eggplant, pepper prices fall. Industrial goods become cheaper, and resources are created for the Production Economy. A great market are provided for industrial and agricultural products of Türkiye.
  4. We can conclude an agreement on an Exclusive Economic Zone in the Eastern Mediterranean with Syria. By expanding the Libyan model, we determine the areas of mutual maritime jurisdiction with Syria, which has a long border with the Eastern Mediterranean, and strengthen our political and economic positions on our Blue Homeland.
  5. The ASTANA process should not be left unfinished. Together with Russia and Iran, an urgent process of cooperation should be started again for the territorial integrity of Syria and for peace in the region.

The solution of the Vatan Party is the only solution for the security and economic development of Türkiye.

This is the solution that will frustrate the U.S. plans to overthrow the administration of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

We trust that our Government and MHP, which is a partner of the Cumhur Alliance, will be decisive in their responsibility for the integrity, peace and economic well-being of our homeland.

We are confident that Türkiye will find the right solution and we are on duty for this.