You cannot resolve the Turkey-Armenian issue from Washington!

You cannot resolve the Turkey-Armenian issue from Washington!

Deputy Chairman Yunus Soner responded to the statements of M. Nalbandyan, Foreign Minister of Armenia which he made in Washington.

The Armenian Foreign Minister, Mr. Nalbandyan, made a statement in the capital of the USA. Mr. Nalbandyan referred to international law. It seems that his advisors did not inform him adequately.

Let us assist the Foreign Minister of our neighbour Armenia in law issues:

1)      The parliaments that were mentioned by Mr. Nalbandyan have signed declarations on the so-called genocide. A Parliament declaration is not a law. Thus, the German Parliament stated in January that the incidents of 1915 cannot be called “genocide”, sent the issue to its commissions in April.

2)      Few countries desired to protect the genocide lie via law. In these countries, opposing the lie has become subject to punishment. Countries trying to protect the lie are facing the danger of the Medieval. The historians of these countries, from Greece to France, are opposing the law in question.

3)      Let us recall. The decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the Perinçek vs. Switzerland Case is binding for European States. The ECHR rejected the law in question of Switzerland and found the assertions opposing the lie right. The ECHR, clearly stated that the incidents of 1915 do not resemble the Jewish Holocaust and that they are controversial on international level.     

4)      Moreover, in the second hearing of the ECHR, the Hollywood star lawyers of Armenia begged the judges: “This court should avoid a decision on the genocide”.

5)      We would also like to introduce Foreign Minister Nalbandyan to the International Court of Justice. This court has also determined that relocation and genocide are not the same. We can send him a copy of the decision, if he likes.   

Interim Result: The Genocide Lie is legally at the End!

6)      The Foreign Minister of Armenia is talking about some states. Yet, he should think: Why has not any neighbour of Armenia acknowledged the genocide claim? Why has not Iran even taken the claim into its agenda, why has Georgia rejected the declaration in its Parliament in April? 

7)      Because the Foreign Minister of Armenia did not take his lesson from history. He still thinks that he will bring prosperity to his country with statements made in the USA and with the statements of the German President.

8)      The aim of Nalbandyan is to open the Turkey-Armenia border without solving the issue of Karabakh. But if the USA could have opened the border, only bandits of Soros would have crossed it. And these bandits would have overthrown the government whose member Nalbandyan is.

9)      For the solution to the issues between Turkey and Armenia, Nalbandyan has to give up the podiums in Washington. This issue can only be solved with the consensus of the Caucasian countries. With the support of the friends of Caucasian, the Asian countries, cooperation, prosperity and peace will come to our region.