West Asian Union Women’s Meeting

West Asian Union Women’s Meeting

West Asian Union Women’s Meeting was held in Ankara on the 26th of February 2012.

The ‘West Asian Union Women’s Meeting’ -organized by the Vanguard Women Workers’ Party (Turkey)- with participants from Syria, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon ended with a unity and solidarity message against imperialism.


The West Asian Union Women’s Meeting was held on Saturday the 25th of February, 2012 in Ankara with participants from Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkey.  The West Asian Union has been established to prepare for the days in which our countries live in peace and harmony with their neighbours.

The West Asian Union Women’s Meeting has shown that women’s bliss and freedom, namely their future, is closely linked to the future of their country. Women can only become free in their country’s independent and self-sufficient economies. The regional policy of imperialism, the Greater Middle East Project; is a plan to redraw the maps of 24 Muslim countries. The redrawing of maps is possible by blood and war; and for women, wars are double persecution.  For women; statelessness means improbity and loosing children.  We, as the Asian women cannot accept this and against the Greater Middle East Project, we have the project of West Asian Women’s joining hands project.

Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Palestine and the TRNC, have to set out to establish institutions spanning from economics to security. It is necessary for all and it is unavoidable. We call this as the West Asian Union. The West Asian Union has the potential to invalidate the Greater Middle East Project aimed at the fragmentation of the region’s countries.  National states, may only survive by supporting the similar national states in a front against global attack.

The people of the region uniting on the basis of major civilization -starting from the Sumerians, continuing with the Iran, Seljuk and Ottoman empires- will take place among the vanguards of the 21st century. West Asia’s largest strength and enrichment is not in division but in unification. Initially starting with the cooperation of several countries, the West Asian Union may extend step by step. The roots of the world’s civilization exist in this region. It has rich energy resources. It is self-sufficient in food and water supplies.

Countries in the region, that will create the Union of  West  Asia, have to lower tariffs, make trade, protect their own resources, develop their economies, not to leave the safety of energy paths to bandits, neutralize external-driven ethnic  and sectarian divisions and terrorist activities, deter external threats and organize to develop their independence.

This meeting is very important because of the considered reasons.  To maintain this work and perpetuate the attempts; “Initiative Committee for the West Asian Union” was established with the representatives.

The duties of the women constituting the Initiative Committee for the West Asia Union:

• Countries have the rights and duties of defending their national sovereignties and to protect their territorial integrity.

• The women of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Azerbaijan are determined to struggle against the imperialistic plan aiming at the national independence.

• The participation of the women of the countries in West Asia in this unity will be ensured and this work will continue decisively.

We, as the women who established the Initiative Committee for the West Asian Union, are condemning the intervention to the internal affairs of our countries, as well as the intervention to especially Syria’s internal affairs and we reject the Greater Middle East Project guided foreign policy of the AKP government.