An article by Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Workers’ Party. It was published in his column in the newspaper Aydınlık on the 27th of September 2012.

This article will be summarizing the facts put forward by what has been experienced during the five years of prosecution and investigation carried out around the Ergenekon, Balyoz1, Kafes, Poyrazköy, The Espionage of the Naval Officers and OdaTV2 cases. 

1) “Law Breaking” mission given to Courts of Law:

Itwas proved during the investigation and in the trials by conclusive evidence that the allegations and so-called evidencewere fabricated and that they were made up incertaincenters. The statements made by “secret witnesses” who are a bunch of criminals consisting of a sister-murderer, several rapists, usurpers and a pimp who marketed his niece to prostitution,were all refuted.

But the “Specially Authorized Courts”, are not after facts; proving facts in these courts have no value whatsoever. Expectations such as a belief in “the rule of law” or a “just trial” or “justice” is not valid for these courts. The Specially Authorized Courts are commissioned to break the laws. All the judges and public prosecutors who did not accept this mission wereeliminated. We are at a point where justice cannot resolve but is resolved, where justice doesn’t even exist. The Ergenekon scheme has demolished the institutions of justice in the Turkey. 

2) A Foreign Operation:

The U.S.A. imperialism is carrying out an operation against Turkey and Turkish Armed Forces. As the U.S. authorities have clearly declared, this operation is within the framework of extinguishing the Kemalist Revolution, partitioning the territory of the Republic of Turkey and founding a second Israel under the name of “Kurdistan”. Tayyip Erdoğan’s mission as the Co-Presidentof the Greater Middle East Project which has been declared by himself at 34 different occasions and in the secret “2 page-9 item agreement” that Abdullah Gül confessed to signing with the U.S. Secretaryof State, General Powell in Ankara on April 3rd, 2003, is the function of this operation. This operation was named “Ergenekon” on purpose, to defame the roots and the past of the Turkish people.

3) The undertakers, executives and the supporters of this operation:

The Justice and Development Party has combined their own interests withthe interests of the global mafia against the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Army. Abdullah Gül and Tayyip Erdoğan are the chief executives in charge of this operation. The Rand Cooperation which has connections with the CIA declared in 1996that these two were going to be assigned with the governing of Turkey. The organization around Fetullah Gülen has served this operation through its cadres in the Justice and Police Departments. The PKK is the most fervent supporter of this undertaking. They have declared their open support on every occasion. Recently, they have supported the verdict in the Balyozcase saying the imprisonments should have been longer. 

4) Breaking up the National State and Servitude to the Imperialist Powers:

Their aims are extinguishing the Kemalist Revolution which is the core of the Republic of Turkey, breaking up the national state, partitioning the national territory and splitting the nation into several ethnic groups, liquidating the Republic, and enslaving the Turkish nation. They have founded a dictatorship the authority of which is derived from international illegal circles and feudal Islamic orders which they guise as Islam. They serve Imperialist powers and fight against the neighbouring Muslim states. Their mission is to shed the blood of tens of thousands of Syrians on behalf of their Imperialist masters.

5) Paralyzing the institutions of the Republic and the Turkish Army:

All the institutions, which sustain the national state, have been disruptedby means of the Ergenekon and Balyoz schemes. With the top ranking officers of the Army and the prominent members of the opposition thus imprisoned, the state of the Turkish Republic has been paralyzed and left powerless against its enemies. In this way, the separatist terrorist organization, PKK has gained ground. The Turkish Army has been entrapped with the so-called law cases and bound up with prosecutions and investigations under the name of “justice”. The ability of the Turkish Army to defend the Republic and the homeland has been seriously injured. The Turkish Army, encircled not only by foreign Imperialist powers but also by its own government has fallen into a trap.

The scenarios of imaginary coupd’etats were made up for this purpose. There has never been any attempt for a coupd’etat by the Army butthe Army has been continually receiving blows. That’s why those whodemand to purge the Army from the putschists are actually reflecting their intention of dispersing the Turkish Army in order to enslave the nation.

At present, not only the imprisoned commanders of the Army but also those on active duty are under threat. The attempt tobreakthe ties of the Turkish Army with the Turkish people has been put into practice with the ongoingscheme of creating a “professional army”. The plan is to transform the Turkish army into a mercenary troops to be sent to crisisareas.On the other hand, a police force which is intended to become the armed force of the new reactionary regime is being created around the agents of Fetullah Gülen already positioned in high posts in the police force. 

6) Neutralizing the national powers and the Worker’s Party (Turkey):

The Ergenekon and Balyoz operations target all the national powers of Turkey. The present regime considersthe defense of the Kemalist Revolution, the Republic, national independence, and territorial integrity of the country a crime. The public prosecutor of the Specially Authorized Court in charge of the said cases openly announced that the targets of these investigations were the Worker’s Party (Turkey), the daily paper Aydınlık and Ulusal Kanal, i.e. the National Channel.” (ATV; August 18th, 2012).

7) The walls that the Fear Empire rests against:

The Fear Empire in Turkey rests against the walls of the Silivri and Hasdal prisons. Today, frustrating the Ergenekon scheme is the key to Turkey’s independence, freedom and security.

8) Extraordinary Situation:

The situation is extraordinary. We cannot live our ordinary lives. The vanguards of the Turkish nation and in fact the whole nation have to assume extraordinary roles. 

9) It is not up to the reactionary regime to pronounce sentence on the vanguards of the people:

It is not up to the Specially Authorized Courts to judge and pronounce sentence onthe vanguards of the Turkish nation. These courts are only capableof injustice and remorselessness. These courts are not capable of judgingthe patriotic forces and the institutions of the Republic of Turkey.
These are the days that we should be ready for any mission andself-sacrificefor the sake of the independence,territorial integrity, freedom andthe bright future of Turkey.

(1) “Ergenekon” is the founding myth of Turks. It is the name of the land surrounded by mountains through which the people go out with the help of a blacksmith who melts down their onpart of the mountain, when the land becomes too small for the growing population. This mythic name was given to the concocted “terrororganization” into which over 300 people from all walks of life whose only common characteristic was opposition to the present Erdoğan government and to the “pro-US mild Islamic ideology” in power, were included. The accused have been in prison for over four years.
“Balyoz” means sledgehammer and it is also the name given to another so-called “secret organization” in which hundreds of top ranking military officers who have been in prison for over three years were placed. 

(2) “Kafes” and “Poyrazköy” cases were later included in the macro “Ergenekon” case; “28 Şubat” i. e. the “28th Feb. 1997” case is related with the measures taken by the military against the rising reactionary and Islamic threats in the late 1990’s; “the Espionage of the Naval Officers” case is an absurd casetoprosecute the military personnel of mediumranks and the “Oda-TV” case is another absurdity created to silence progressive and patriotic media.

(3)Fetullah Gülen is a person who was originally a Muslimpreacher. He belongs to the Nursi Order of Anatolian Islam. Through his mysterious connections with global Powers he is now commanding a financial empire of hundreds of billions of US dollars. Due to his disruptive activities he was prosecuted in Turkey inlate 1990’s and early 2000’s and fled to the US before the final verdict was pronounced which actually cleared him from “founding an illegal armed organization” because the political climate was now becoming more and more favorable for him. He presently lives on a spacious farm in Pennsylvania, USA from where he rules his political and financial empire through agents in the Turkish police force, administrative, judicial and educational systems and even in the Turkish Army. He is an invisible partner in the Turkish government, too, again through his advocates. His aim is to bring an authoritarian pro- US, Islamist regime to Turkey.