An article by Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Workers’ Party (Turkey). This article was was published in TEORİ, June 2010.

Moving Stones

Obama, was the main guard of Turkey, now he is the man “moving the stones”.

The dominant powers are counting the moving stones as: “Kurdish initiative “, “Armenian initiative” and Cyprus, Aegean, “Ecumenical initiative”… According to Tayyip Erdoğans, Turkey’s attitude towards those “initiative” matters is “a ‘historical burden’ carried by Turkey for 50 years”. And it is a heroism to “moves those stones”. 

Observe the moving stones, they are not only the milestones of Turkey! The stones of Iraq have already moved; the foundation stones of Syria, Iran and Azerbaijan will also have been moved. Some has such great hopes that not the stones, even the great Mount Ağrı will be a great stone and move. The USA has such power…

Reading maps correctly

While the famous GMEI (Greater Middle East Initiative) maps of the USA was being said to be ‘abolished’, it is on the stage as the “road map”. It was said that after Iraq, Iran would be next. But we emphasized that “Turkey will be the next” for years. It is, probably, understood now. Iran is strong like a castle; but Turkey, a castle conquered from inside, is governed by the contracted staff. 

Let’s have a look together to the map of the USA. Read the map correctly! The USA is going to divid Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Azerbaijan sequentially. Additionally, it is going to divide 24 countries from Morocco to Central Asia! 

The Tigris and Euphrates defeat of the USA

What does the map imply? It implies the defeat of the USA! The map was prepared under a basic assumption: Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Azerbaijan will do nothing against.

If the USA insists on that move, the end of the process is obvious: the West Asia front will be formed. That is exactly the fear of the USA. 

The only obstacle of the process is the contracted staff governing Turkey. More precisely, the classes they are based on: the USA driven moneylenders, defalcators, dollar and stock speculators and the congregation and tariqah sheikhs who are now intertwined with those mafia strata. 

While the USA is pushing the contracted staff into the Kurdish and Armenian initiatives fires, she comes closer to its own disaster. That process will obviously ends with the Tigris and Euphrates defeat of the USA. Since, Washington faced to a power that she cannot cope with. 

The USA, who sustained a defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan within five –six years, is actually expanding the front and taking a much greater force on. Moreover, there are conditions in which the Dollar empery is collapsing. Is it its mafia-congregation powers in Turkey that Washington relies on? On Abdullah Gül and Tayyip Erdoğan? That course also sweeps them away. The USA smites the GMEI co-chairmanship upon the Asia rocks like a battering ram. Now, you imagine how that ram will be at the end of such scrimmage. The USA will unite the North Africa and Middle East, while she is trying to divide! Is it possible that the map was prepared by who try to undermine the USA? 

We should plan and manage the process

They will end up badly but of course it will not be per se. We have to carefully plan and manage the process. It becomes clear that Turkey cannot exist in the Atlantic system. It has been clear for a long time, but now even PRP (People’s Republican Party) and NMP (Nationalist Movement Party) give voice to threat coming from the USA. It is not enough to detect the threat. Which forces will be used to stand to that threat, what are the programme and the strategy? 

Turkey had defined the target with the Kemalist Revolution at the beginning of the last century. However, Turkey went off the rails after the II. World War and stuck in the Little America process. The life has again brought us to the Kemalist Revolution route. Liberalism and “Crusader Reaction”* was the unravelling programme for Turkey and its results are in front of us. It means that Turkey’s territorial integrity, national unity and freedom only could be possible on the base of Kemalist Revolution. Turkey is about to discover again its populist – enlightened – revolutionary programme to survive. 

Forces that will defeat the USA plan

At the outer front, we need to lay the regional and world powers together to stand against the threat coming from the Atlantic. The countries which the USA wants to divide, generate the power that will defeat the USA plan.

The foreign policy alternative of the Turkish national forces consists of two circles: First one is the regional powers. The second one is Eurasia and Latin America powers. They are ready allies. All the matter is to weave the links at the opposition position before the flames surround our home. 

National state cannot survive within its walls

Actually, we had to understand that, before the threat turned up; maybe we could not explain: We cannot keep the national state alive within its own walls! The national state can be kept alive against the globalist attack by aligning with similar national states in the front; that is the first one! The second one is that the national states front should firstly be formed in regional levels and they are being formed, now. 

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), led by China and Russia, is actually a national states alliance across the continent. In South America, the ALBA (The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) led by Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia, is also a national states organization. Again, the Africa Union (AU) is a union of national states. 

Once more: The conservatism is not the device! PRP, NMP, DLP (Democratic Left Party), DP (Democrat Party), General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces and various powers often emphasize the national state. How nice! However, do not all these powers, including the General Staff see that our national state is choked? Of course they do. Nevertheless, their response to that choke is to chop in the Atlantic vortex. As a result of such a conservative attitude, we will only see their hands among the waves after a while and we will, additionally hear a husky voice for “help”. 

Workers’ Party (Turkey), because of those reasons, explains loudly that conservatism is not a remedy in such crisis environment. 

Revolution initiative

We are separated and loosen in the Atlantic system! The national state can only be kept alive by the revolution. We had founded the national state with a revolution. That revolution was collapsed. Now, we will again realize the Kemalist Revolution in the conditions of the 21st century. The emphasize of the General Staff on 30 August 2009 when it repeated that “We have founded Turkey with a revolution”, was meaningful from that point of view. 

It was a revolutionary search of the PRP when it referred to the imperialistic character of the European social democracy. When the NMP talked about to “take the hills”** during the “initiative” days, created a hope for discovering the revolution. The DLP and DP leaders, Masum Türker and Hüsamettin Cindoruk respectively, can positively contribute to the revolution initiative via their intelligent and prudence… The life will indicate who will fall and who will survive, but many of those powers must figure out that we entered a period that will cope with a revolution. 

Let us define the revolution: At the inner front, we have to terminate the “four bloodsuckers” which are moneylenders, defalcators, dollar and stock speculators and the congregation and tariqah sheikhs, in addition to the land feudalism regime in the Southeast of the country. The source of resistance lies in such cleanup. Otherwise, we cannot meet the requirements of the people and we cannot resist to the threat from abroad. 

Incremental regional alliance

A regional organisation that will keep our national state alive and developed, is a compulsion for Turkey. We are in the position of defining its forms and constructing it step by step whi,le we are in the opposition. 

Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Azerbaijan; they need to turn into an institution covering from economics to security. TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) will be in that institution via integration with Turkey. The regional union will maturate during the process from Community to Union. 

The countries in the region which will compose the West Asia Union, will build a common organisation gradually by complying with the programme of lowering the customs, developing the trade among themselves, possessing their own resources, developing the economics, self-securing the energy ways instead of the security of the bandits, neutralising the foreign-motivated ethnic and denominational separation and terrorist activities, deteriorating the foreign threat and developing the independence. 

The West Asia Union has a great and powerful hinterland like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. If the healthy relations of China, Russia and Iran with the EU are considered, Europe will not be in favour of the USA aggression. At least, it can be neutralised. On the other hand, Latin America is the ally beyond the Ocean. 

The West Asia Union may start, at first, with a cooperation of a few countries and then it could expand step by step. The roots of the world civilisation are in those lands. The energy resources are rich. The food and water resources are enough for itself. The development possibilities of the human resources and industries are promising. Turkey is the keystone of that geography. 

The organisation, that starts as a community may turn to a confederation as a kind of states union in the future, will become one of the five great powers of the world. 

The substantial solutions

The West Asia Union embraces the Kurds across the region to be able to make the Kurdish problem a remembrance in the history; it solves the problem in a certain way. Turkey conquers the Persian Gulf; so the neighbour countries conquer Istanbul. There will be no Armenian matter. The Mount Ağrı cannot be moved by anybody, at all. 

The West Asia Union causes Turkey to; 

  • unite with Arabs, 
  • unite with Iran,
  • unite not only Kurds in its territory but also Kurds in the region,
  • unite with Turks in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Azerbaijan,
  • unite with Asia,

The West Asia Union;

  • deters Washington and saves the USA from the disasters caused by crazy adventures.
  • serves as a key for world peace and security.

The national states are the requirements of our age and the only organisation way of establishing a democratic society. However, the national state cannot survive in its own territory against the global attack of the imperialism. Despite its geography, great population, favourable opportunities, even China cooperates and unites with other states!

The West Asia Union is the existence and development frame of our national state. As you can see, Workers’ Party (Turkey) directs the future of the nation since it puts those solutions on the table of Turkey. 


*The term “crusader reactionism” refers to a Islamic reactionism supported by the western powers, especially the US. 

** “Take the hills” (dağa çıkmak) is an expression meaning to retreat to the mountains in order to rebel against the government.