The Final Declaration of The 2nd Eurasian Alternative Conference

The Final Declaration of The 2nd Eurasian Alternative Conference

2nd Eurasian Alternative Conference gathered in İstanbul on the 7th of April 2000.

– Workers’ Party of Bangladesh
– Communist Party of Bohemia and Morovia
– United Communist Party of Georgia
– Communist Party of India (Marxist) 
– Jordanian Communist Party
– Workers’ Party of Korea
– Communists Party of Moldavia Republic
– Palestinian Liberation Organisation-Al Fatih
– Socialist Labour Party of Romania
– Communist Workers’ Party of Russia
– Union of Communist Parties-CPSU
– Communist Party of Abhazia
– Communist Party of Armenia
– Communist Party of Azerbaijan
– Communist Party of Belarus
– Communist Party of Estonia
– United Communist Party of Georgia
– Communist Party of Kazakhstan
– Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan
– Communist Party of Latvia 
– Communist Party of Lithuania
– Communists Party of Moldavia Republic
– Communist Party of Pridnestrovskaya Moldavia Republic
– Communist Party of South Ossetia 
– Communist Party of Russian Federation
– Communist Workers’ Party of Russia 
– Communist Party of Tajikistan
– Communist Party of Turkmenistan
– Communist Party of Ukraine
– Union of Communists of Ukraine 
– Communist Party of Uzbekistan
– Syrian Communist Party
– Workers’ Party (Turkey) 
– Socialist Party of Serbia
– Yugoslav Left
– New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Having convened on 5-6-7 April in Istanbul on the occasion of the Second International Eurasian Conference, the above listed parties agreed upon publishing the following communiqué to the world public opinion:

The achievements attained in the 20th century by humanity through the socialist revolutions, started with the October Revolution, and national liberation wars, initiated by the Independence War of Turkey, are today facing an imperialist assault called globalisation. Having benefited the change in the balance of power in its favour, the USA has set the aim of establishing a mono-polar world following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Also from Istanbul we are responding to OSCE Istanbul Summit, which served in legitimising the most destructive assault known in history by inventing a law of “over sovereignty”.

In order to establish a world system under the US hegemony called the New World Order, the imperialism is seeking, on the political plane, to demolish the nation- tates and socialist states which were established by the working peoples through revolutions in the 20th century, to reduce the great majority of humanity into the status of stateless peoples, and thereby to put an end to national independence and sovereignty which is today the only framework of the human rights and freedoms. In its pursuit to reach its aim, the USA and other imperialists recognise no limit and norm; violate the human rights under the cover of defending them; by using religious fundamentalism and racism push the nationalities, religions and sects into bloody strifes; establish artificial mini-states and divide the nations into religious communities and religious orders through so-called Non Governmental Organisations. 

On the economical plane, the national markets are being destroyed and the national classes from the working class to national industrialists and tradesmen which are realising their economical interests on this basis are being dispropertied an impoverished, and it is aimed to establish a united world market under the dictatorship of dollar. Such international institutions of international capital as the World Bank and the IMF are being used as instruments in the implementation of this programme. Today the imperialist-capitalist system is being transformed into a system of Mafia, religious orders and Gladio. In NATO countries and other places, the USA has taken the legitimate governments out of function and the organisation of violence, also known as the Super NATO or Gladio, was made de facto government.

On the ideological-cultural plane, an unrelenting war is being conducted against Scientific Socialism and revolutionary democracy, the progressive heritage of humanity, and the mankind is being trapped into selfish self-seeking, neo- liberalism, cosmopolitanism, imperialist denial of loyalty to the fatherland, racist chauvinism, ethnocentrism, religious fundamentalism and even such pre-civilisation beliefs as fortune-telling and magic.

On the military plane, NATO is being turned into world gendarme as an armed instrument of USA hegemony; disarmed through Pentagonisation and liquidation of the national armies, the nations are being deprived of the strength for resistance and, thereby, enslaved.


Nevertheless, there is a great disproportion between the strength and the ambitions of the USA. Washington’s project of a mono-polar world is resulting in fiasco.

Although the USA mobilised all available forces during the Gulf War and in its aggression on Yugoslavia, it was not able to reach its goals and could not win a victory. The resistance by Iraq and Yugoslavia has once more proved that only the countries relying on their own strength can oppose the big machines of war. The criminal aggression on Yugoslavia has been a new example of arbitrary and illegal use of force and violated the UN Charter and all fundamental principles of international relations and international law.

What is even more important is the fact that the USA and its ambitions have met the solid rock of Eurasia. Rapid growth and strengthening of solidarity in Eurasia, the continent with the greatest potentials of human resources, territory and revolution, have risen an insurmountable Eurasian Great Wall in front of the US imperialism.

The free future of the mankind is going to be determined by the great struggle waged on this Wall. The national states are defending their independence, by arms if necessary; the nations are clinging on their freedom; and the working peoples are seeking revolutionary ways.

Today the most elementary question is how to accumulate the largest possible force in building the Eurasian Wall against imperialism and how to obstruct globalisation. The whole traditions of human civilisation, aspirations for freedom and equality, love for one’s land and country are together with us in the struggle against the decaying capitalism, which is the most barbarous system known in history. 

With the understanding that it will serve in the final victory of the peoples and countries of the world against imperialism, our parties have decided to wage perseverant efforts for the following demands:

– The USA and the NATO forces led by it must leave the Balkans and in particular the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. All political, diplomatical and economical sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia and various forms of still continuing aggression must be put an end to, and Yugoslavia should resume its full capacity membership in the UN, Non-Aligned Movement and other international organisations and fora. The heroic and just struggle of the people and the government of Yugoslavia should be supported by all means and met with solidarity of all progressive forces and freedom-loving peoples and nations. Those who are responsible for war crimes against the Yugoslav people should be brought before justice and all war damages should be repaid by those who caused them. The position and activities of the parties and governments, some of which call themselves left or social-democratic, to support the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, should be condemned.

– The embargo on Iraq which is causing extraordinary damages to the Iraqi people and which is also heavily effecting all its trade partners, first and foremost its neighbours, must be lifted. The US air attacks on Iraq and all other provocations must be terminated. The US attempts to establish a puppet state must be aborted by the co-operation of regional forces and by the solidarity of entire humanity.

– The national rights of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian State, violated by Zionism which is a threat not only for the Arab countries but also for all peoples of Eurasia, must be recognised, the invasion of the Syrian and all other Arab countries by Israel must be put an end and interventions to and aggression against Lebanon must be stopped.

– The US forces on the Korean peninsula must turn back to their country and the three Point Charter of Reunification put forward by the People’s Democratic Republic, as a realistic and rational proposal must be accepted.

– All imperialist provocations and intervention attempts against the reunification of the Chinese fatherland through reuniting with Taiwan, and the provocations over Tibet and Uigur-Singkiang region must immediately stop. 

– The attempts by USA to subjugate the South Asian nations and to obstruct co-operation in Eurasia must be opposed.

– The blockade against Cuba must now be lifted and the American naval base in Guantanamo must be returned to its lawful owner, and Elian who has been kidnapped by the CIA-Mafia co-operation must be repatriated and united with his family.

– Imperialist attempts at gaining military bases in other countries, intervening to the sovereignty and independence of other countries must be stopped. NATO, which has lost its entire apology for existence especially after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, must also be dissolved.

– The demands for equal rights and a democratic life of various national and religious communities within the countries of the oppressed world must be supported with the perspective of anti-imperialist struggle and territorial integrity.

– All embargoes restricting free trade between the countries must be lifted. As in South Asia, all initiatives which serve in the free development of the political, economical, cultural and commercial relations between the Asian, African and Latin American countries.


Waging struggles in our individual countries for people’s democratic revolutions and socialism by organising our working peoples and nations, our parties have agreed upon responding the global attack with a global answer besides making contributions to the international struggle on national levels. Taking this burning need into consideration, our parties are presenting following proposals to all parties, which are defending independence and labour:

1- For the attainment of the aim an Initiative Committee is assigned.

2- For this aim, an Initiative Committee has been appointed. With the thought of embracing all of the Eurasian continent, it has been agreed upon that one party from each of the following regions should be included in the Initiative Committee as the representatives of their respective regions: Far East, Indian subcontinent, Arab world of Middle East, Turkey, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

3- Initiative Committee will fulfil the following tasks and convene the founding congress:

a) Preparation of the joint programme describing the platform of the Eurasian Congress;

b) The penning of the draft statues ascertaining the name of the Eurasian Solidarity, describing the membership and entry conditions, organs, secretariat and its location and the rules of taking decisions on these and changing them;

c) Preparation of the draft programme for activities of the Eurasian Solidarity for the period after its founding congress.

d) In the light of the joint opinions expressed in this communiqué, waging efforts to include other working and patriotic parties in the Eurasian region from Pacific to the Atlantic and have them take their places in the founding congress.

e) Building the staff, economical basis and thecnical equipment of the secretariat of the Initiative Committee.

Agreeing on these, we support all other fora and organisations for concentration and co-ordination of efforts of the independent countries and nations as well as of the left, progressive and patriotic forces in the struggle against imperialism and for peace, equality and development for all. 

Having an unshakeable trust in our working peoples, in oppressed nations and in the revolutionary traditions of humanity, and sharing the consciousness of world’s re-entry in the 21st century into the age of revolutions, we invite all fraternal parties to participate in the Eurasian Solidarity and salute peoples of the world and all countries struggling to defend their independence.