Patriotic Party visits China

Patriotic Party visits China

A delegation of the Patriotic Party (Turkey) visited the People’s Republic of China in November. The delegation was headed by the party’s Chairman, Dogu Perincek, and included the Deputy Chairmen İsmail Hakkı Pekin, Beyazıt Karatas, Hasan Korkmazcan, as well as Deputy Chairman of International Relations, Yunus Soner, Chairman of Party’s the youth organization, Aykut Dis and the leader of the biggest youth organization in Turkey, the Youth Union of Turkey, Cagdas Cengiz.

The delegation started it’s visit to China with a stop in the Xinjiang province, where it was welcomed by Xiaokati Yiming, a member of the Standing Committee of Communist Party of China.

During its stay in the Xinjiang province the delegation had different meetings and was hosted by the Deputy Mayor of the city of Turfan, 500 thousand inhabitants, as well as leading political figures in the capital of Urumqui.

US supported separatist Terror

In the meetings realized in Xinjiang, the separatist terror that both countries, Turkey and China, are facing, constituted a major point of discussion.

Both sides agreed that ethnic and sectarian terror in their countries was mainly supported by the US, trying to stop the unification of Eurasia.

Underlining the importance of the Xinjiang Province for the “One Road One Belt Initiative” the Chinese side evaluated the local terror groups as a barrier for the construction of the New Silk Road.

The Patriotic Party (Turkey) in exchange underlined the the American attempt to build a second Israel named Kurdistan in the Middle East was directed at the same aim to disconnect the regional countries from each other as well as to separate them from the depth of Asia.

Beijing meetings

In the second part of the visit, the Patriotic Party (Turkey) delegation visited China’s capital, Beijing. Here the delegation had meetings with the Deputy Chairman of the People’s Congress, JiBingxun and the Deputy Minister of Cooperation, Zhou Li.

In the meetings, the representatives of the Patriotic Party (Turkey) and the Communist Party of China declared their will to deepen the cooperation on a large field of activities. These will include support for economic cooperation between both countries as well as deeper exchange of information, cooperation against terrorist movements, youth exchange and joint support for the “One Road One Belt Initiative”.