3 conferences on “Turkish-Chinese cooperation for a leap forward in production”

3 conferences on “Turkish-Chinese cooperation for a leap forward in production”

Vatan Party has organized meetings between Chinese Government representatives and Turkish business people.

Meanwhile Turkey faces serious economic problems, the Vatan Party has organized together with the People’s Republic of China 3 conferences on economic cooperation, joint investment and enabling deeper trade relations between the two countries.

The conferences, where the Chairman of Vatan Party, Doğu Perinçek has held the opening speeches, were hold 24th of May in Izmir, 27th of May in Istanbul and 29th of May in Ankara.
The conferences were organized and hold in cooperation with the embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Turkey. The Chinese Ambassador, Deng Li held a speech in Ankara, the General Consul Cui Wei in Istanbul and the Trade Attaché Yuhua Liu in Izmir.

Dozens of Turkish companies and enterprises were present at the conferences. Some of the companies that participated at CEO or Deputy CEO level are the following:

– Yıldız Holding, Foods sector, total turnover: 10 billion $, employees: 60 thousand
– Yaşar Holding, Chemicals and food, 1 billon $, 7500 employees
– BMC Holding, defense industry and automobiles, 1 billion $, 3000 employees
– İş Bankası, Banking, 45 billion $, 25.000 employees
– Zorlu Holding, electronics, 4.3 billion $, 36.000 employees
– Kigılı, textiles, 100 million $, 2100 employees
– Arzum, electronics, 50 million $
– Mudo, textiles, 90 million $
– Traçim, cement, 50 million $

Representatives of Chambers of Commerce also participated in the conferences.

Holding the opening speeches of the conferences, Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of Vatan Party said the following:

Turkey’s first trade partner is P.R. of China, number two is Russia and number three is Germany. In summary, we are a Eurasian country and at the center of Europe and Asia.

The security of our country and the safety of our energy lies in Asia. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia are not just our neighbors; they are our economical partners and or energy lifelines.

Turkey is facing serious economic problems, and the answer to them is to succeed with a Leap Forward in Production. It might sound very ambitious, but it describes the process that lies ahead of our country: Turkey is on the brink of a Production Revolution.

Turkey and China are located on the opposite edges of Asia, but in terms of economy, politics and culture, they are neighbors. On our agenda is to realize this status of neighbors that also root in history.

The location of Turkey and its circumstances provide very fertile conditions for a cooperation with China that aims at production. We have spoken on these topics two months ago with the Chinese authorities in Xinjiang and the Honorable Ambassador in Ankara in the recent weeks.

This is a very important factor that unites Turkey’s and China’s future: China’s security starts in Turkey, and Turkey’s security starts in China. The two countries integrity and safety is connected to each other.

If we take a look onto a map, we see that US attempts to cut the Silk Road materialize in the so-called “Kurdistan” and “East Turkestan”.

The terror field that was produced in West Asia is a common threat to both Turkey and China. Both countries are fighting against separatist terror organizations that are produced and provoked by the same center. And we, Turkey and China, will succeed in this fight jointly.

Turkey and China are among the countries that are leading the Age of Asia, they are vanguard countries. The 21st Century will one of the friendship and cooperation of Turkey and China. Hand in hand, both countries will contribute greatly to the development of humanity, peace and development.

The Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China, Deng Li said in his opening speech the following:

The international system is going through profound changes currently. The Chinese side is accelerating the initiative of One Belt One Road. We are defending the principle of shared growth with Turkey. Both China and Turkey are developing countries. And they are natural partners in this project. Our potential for cooperation is very big. We expect an important growth in Turkey’s exports to China. Turkey’s qualified agricultural goods are gaining share in China’s market. And we will have positive surprises in the short term.

This is accompanied by cooperation in the financial sector. The Chinese bank of ICBC has considerably widened its activities in Turkey. Two Chinese banks that have opened branches and supplied partnership in Turkey provided in total almost 10 billion dollars of financial credit.

We hope that all of you gathered here support us in your context and your networks actively to carry the Chinese-Turkish relations to a stable level. I believe sincerely that, if the bilateral political and economical relations are carried to positive interaction, than the Chinese-Turkish cooperation will merely explode.

The CEO of BMC Holding, Ethem Sancak said the following:

Humanity needs to construct a new international order. This duty lies on the shoulders of the Chinese and the Turks. I call Mr. Perinçek and the honorable Ambassador to take according responsibility on the governmental level.

The CEO of Yıldız Holding, Murat Ülker stated the following:

It seems the world is divided in two parts: In favor of and against China. We here are all on the side of China. This is a very valuable initiative. It is very important to develop air, land and seaways and to profit from the new Silk Road.

We are invited by the Chinese government to pursue investment in the western provinces, for example Xinjiang. We will happily follow this invitation.